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Custom Resort Wear Printing is also referred to as silk screening. It is a method of printing graphics on a t-shirt. It is done by using thick inks that stay on the top of the t-shirt rather than soaking into the t-shirt. Custom Resort Wear Printing is used by several companies to create a bulk amount of t-shirts. 

Since Custom Resort Wear Printing uses thicker inks it is considered better for graphics, with only one or two colors being used. Rather than DTG, RhineStone T-shirt printing will make these colors pop out. The thick ink on your t-shirt will have a soft feeling of touch and can give you a really amazing look. If you are looking for minimal colors for your t-shirt, we recommend you for the Custom Resort Wear Printing as you will get the best results from it for your t-shirt. 

How does Custom Resort Wear Printing in Escalon works?

Let us analyze the way Custom Resort Wear Printing in Escalon works. Well, it is unlike DTG. In Custom Resort Wear Printing, a thin mesh is stretched tightly over a frame. Originally the screen was made from silk, however, mostly in today’s time, it is noted that it is made up of polyester. In this process of Custom Resort Wear Printing, a negative of the design is printed onto the screen which is to be placed against the shirt. Once it is set correctly, the ink is rolled over the screen. The areas on the shirt where the design has been printed allow the ink to slip into the shirt without letting the ink soak into it. The ink then sets on the t-shirt and is kept aside to dry.

There is a reason why silk screening is considered to be the best when done by professionals. Professional t-shirt companies such as C and C design make sure that the product turns out to be the best product.

Here is an in-depth overview of how we go about our Custom Resort Wear Printing of the t-shirts.

Process of Screen Printing in Workshop
Process of Screen Printing in Workshop

The Screen

Once you are happy with the design of your t-shirt and confirm that this is how you want your t-shirt to be, it is the perfect time to get started. Now, try to imagine the screen on a big wall or a screen door of a house. Our team of professionals uses something similar to that. It is basically a screen with a bunch of little tiny holes.

The Color

This is where the magic takes place. We start the magic by mixing colors and reaching to the exact color that you have mentioned or specified to our staff for your t-shirt. We make use of high-quality premium ink to last a longer period of time. The inks used by us are thick which means that the design that is going to turn out is going to be really good.  

So, there is nothing more to add to it. We just make sure that we make use of the exact colors that you have specified to us for your t-shirt.

The Press

It is here where the t-shirt is silkscreened. You can well imagine a 12-armed metal beast from some mythical Viking tale. It spins around and there are a lot of metal parts. On every arm is a place where the wooden silkscreen is placed. This wooden silkscreen is used to design your t-shirt.

The t-shirt is spread on a huge ironing board looking device. Everything is lined up with the lasers so that the design on all your shirts is located in the same position.

The screens are then lowered on the top of the t-shirt. The ink is then poured on the top of it, the next step involves where a rubber squeegee is used to spread the ink from one corner of the silk to the other corner. As the ink gets moved from one corner to the other, the t-shirt soaks the ink from the front and the design starts to appear. 

Depending on the demand of the client, and of what colors do they want specifically. Our team of professionals mixes different colors so that they meet the exact color that the client has demanded. The end result is that we make a t-shirt with the design and the color that the client has demanded.

Lewiston Fire Lewiston Fire Department Printed HoodieDepartment Printed Hoodie

The Dry

After the completion of the ink step, then the t-shirts are dried up on a dryer. It is more like a conveyor belt type device that has been set to an exact temperature, the temperature is set in a way to ensure that the t-shirts dry in a pass and the colors don’t bleed out.

Once the t-shirt comes out on the other end, our team of professionals makes sure that it looks exactly the same as the client demanded, in terms of color and design. 

The Final Product

Custom Resort Wear Printing is completely different from DTG printing as it is completely done on hand. This type of printing is a deal for artwork that has 1-2 colors or huge quantities. It is quite simple to tell if the t-shirt has been screen-printed or not. It can be done by running a hand over the t-shirt. The t-shirt will have a raised feel to it. This is due to the ink being put on the front of the t-shirt. 

Get Your Custom Resort Wear Ordered Today!

Custom Resort Wear Printing is a custom job, it usually takes 10 working days to create your order. Changed to 5-7 Days

We recommend our clients for Custom Resort Wear Printing of simple company logos, team names, and t-shirts with text on it. Custom Resort Wear Printing works magically with both dark and light shades of colors. It is observed that DTG often has a tough time with dark colors, but in the case of Custom Resort Wear Printing there is nothing of that sort. It goes well with the dark as well as the light tones. 

All you have to do is get yourself and your friends or your colleagues the same custom resort wear to flaunt your company name or your friendship with your best friend with our customized t-shirts. What are you waiting for? Place your order with us and get the best results from the best t-shirt designing company.

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