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Merlin Graphics (C & C Design) utilizes traditional screen printing and the latest in digital garment printing as well as several cool decorating techniques to create unique t-shirts.




Your Design or Custom

Many of our customers come to us with a design in mind already. It may have been professionally created or a homemade sketch. We can create T-shirts from both.

Don’t have a design but know what you want? We can create something for you.

Have no clue what you want or need? We can handle that too.

Merlin Graphics have professional team for T Shirt Printing in California.

Printing Machine

Custom T Shirt Printing Made Easy

  • Brand Promotion
  • School Apparel
  • School Apparel or events
  • Friends Reunion
  • Vacations or Parties
  • Religious Events
  • Club or Concerts
  • Many More

Custom T Shirt
Heroes vs Villains

Decoration options

Screen Printing

This is the traditional method for decorating shirts. It’s a tried and true process but is generally best for larger orders with limited colors.

Heat Transfer Material

While not a new technology, vinyl heat transfers are taking on a new life in the world of t-shirt decoration. There are the traditional colors, but there are an amazing amount of new colors and patterns to choose from. Animal prints, glitter, various fabrics, and more items that you’ve probably never thought of are all available. The t-shirt to the right was created with only vinyl heat transfers.

Merlin Graphics

We are experts in printing on

  • Your Own Clothes
  • T Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Shirts


Printing Sizes

  • Youth Size
  • Small Size
  • Large Size
  • Medium Size
  • Baby Size

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