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Screen Printing California

Screen Printing is the most popular, traditional, high-precision process of printing graphics on a t-shirt. Also known as silk screening, it is an ancient art of stenciling that came into existence in the late 1800s and has evolved since then. This process involves a woven mesh screen that supports an ink-blocking stencil. Thick ink is pressed through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design on top of the t-shirt rather than soaking it into it.

Screen printing California is the widely used and most popular technique that is used in a lot of industries. It is considered better for graphics because of its usage of inks. In silk-screening, only one or two colors are used, and unlike DTG (Direct To Garment), these colors pop out in this printing process. Fabric is one of the most common printed surfaces in which screen printing is used. The thick ink that is printed on your t-shirt will have a soft feel when you touch it, and it also provides you with this fantastic look. Screen printed t-shirts are considered optimal for those who are looking for minimal colors for your t-shirt.

How does Screen Printing California work?

Though there are various methods of screen printing, they all involve the same basic techniques. Many reasons show why screen printing is more favorable than digital printing. It is a bit of a lengthy process to achieve the demanded results. In the screen printing, a wove mesh screen is tightly stretched over a frame to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. Traditionally this printing screen was made from silk, but nowadays, it is made up of polyester. Screen printing is mainly associated with fabric. A negative of the select design is printed on the screen that is placed against the shirt.

In this process, choosing the right mesh screen is important. It involves the assessment of the complexity of the design and material on which it is printed. After it is set properly, the ink is rolled over to the screen. Only the areas where the design has been printed allows the ink to slip through without letting the ink soak into it.

The silk-screening is a lot more complicated than it seems as it requires the usage of many chemicals, inks, and techniques and hence is considered best when done by professionals. The Merlin Graphics company makes sure to deliver you their best product.

Let us discuss the overview of how we perform screenprinting on the t-shirts.

Process of Screen Printing in Workshop
Screen Printing Machine

The Screen

The primary step involves you as you have to choose what design you want on your t-shirt, and once it is confirmed, we move on to our first phase. We deliver your design to the screen room and as there is no ‘one size fits all approach, we choose the mesh screen accordingly. The screen is quite large, somewhat like a door in a house, but it is of much higher quality and has many tiny holes in it. Our team of professionals first covers the screen with a layer of green material called ‘Emulsion.’ The emulsion is the solid part of this stencil that prevents ink from passing through the screen.

The Color

It is the place where wonders happen. We start with experimenting with our colors and reach the color you intended us to draw on your t-shirt. Our professionals use high-quality premium inks that last for a longer period. We use inks that are also thick which ensures that the design will come out gracefully. There is nothing more to add to the color.  

We choose the best color for you and will deliver you the best design that you have intended for. It depends on our client’s demand that what type of colors they want according to which our experts mix those colors to create the design intended.

The Press

This is the process where the t-shirt gets silk-screened. Under this step, the ink is put onto the t-shirt. The press operator aligns the screens in a way and loads the t-shirt using a laser alignment tool that makes sure that the design on your shirts is printed in the same location every time. After this, the screen is lowered to the printing board just above the t-shirt. A thick layer of the select ink is poured on top of it. After which, a thick squeegee (It is a rubber blade that is attached to a long metal handle) is used to drag the ink across the whole length of the screen in such a way that ink is soaked.

The ink is squeezed through the stencil’s open areas that transfer it to the fabric underneath by leaving an ink pattern in the select design. Professionals can use this stencil repeatedly to create the same type of design if there is a requirement. Once everything is done, the screen is washed with a special kind of fluid to remove the emulsion.

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The Dry

After the press is completed, the t-shirts are sent to the dryer. It is more like a conveyer belt that has been set to a particular temperature. The dryer reveals the true beauty of the t-shirt by revealing its smooth and elegant design. The temperature is checked cautiously to avoid the color’s distortion. The final product is then thoroughly reviewed by the professionals to make sure that it meets the demand of their customers in terms of its color and design.


The Final Product

The screen printing is done entirely by hand from its initial phase till we get the final product. It is one reason why screen printing is mainly used for large bulk orders as it is a cost-effective process. If you want to check whether the shirt is silk-screened, simply run a hand over its design. The t-shirt will have a raised feel to it, which is due to the ink on the front of the t-shirt.

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Screen Printing is a custom job, it usually takes 5-7 Days to create your order.

We recommend our clients for screen printing of simple company logos, corporate printed t-shirts, team names, and t-shirts with text on it. Screen Printing in California works magically with both dark and light shades of colors. It is observed that DTG often has a tough time with dark colors, but in the case of screen printing, there is nothing of that sort. Merlin Graphics has been known to work best with all sorts of color compositions and to deliver the product on time with full efficiency. We craft the designs artistically to make the product applaudable.  

Bring your search for customized t-shirts to end with Merlin Graphics. We are known to print the best screen printing designs for t-shirts, and our work speaks for itself. Flaunt your company’s name or have t-shirts made for your friend circle group to have a significant and distinguished presence. We have the best designers on offer for you. Place your order with us today to get a custom t-shirt design of your kind.

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